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Additionally, the fastest-clocked Pentium D has a factory boundary of 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Core Solo is actually a Core Duo with one processor core disabled. Also, a dual-core variant has been added to the Phenom II line. All Pentium D models are bit. This is because the Pentium Pro was optimized for bit applications. Released on May 26, , the Pentium D was Intel’s first dual-core processor, and like the Pentium 4 it was based on the NetBurst microarchitecture.

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List of CPU power dissipation figures

Intel Celeron M MHz. The Duron was released in as a lower-end alternative to the high-performance Athlon. Intel Celeron G 1.

K5 processors were not given core names. Intel Pentium T 1. Thermal design power is defined differently by different manufacturers, so it is not comparable between manufacturers.

The Core processors added SSE3 but continued to use a bit instruction set.

The Core brand was launched on January 5,the same day as the final Pentium 4 models. Unlike the original Pentium processor, these Pentiums have two cores on a single die. VIA Eden C 1.

This article has multiple issues.

List of CPU power dissipation figures – Wikipedia

Like the Pentium M, via c7-d processor 1800 mhz Celeron M was specifically made for use in laptops. Intel Celeron E 1. Note that these figures include power dissipation due to energy c7-f by the via c7-d processor 1800 mhz power supply and some minor peripherals.

Intel Pentium D 2. Intel had a bit of a dilemma during this time due to the fact they had four different mobile processors being proceswor at the same time Pentium 3-M, Pentium 4-M, Mobile Pentium 4 and the Pentium M. In mzh, Intel released a new line of desktop processors under the brand Pentium Dual Coreusing the Core microarchitecture which was based upon the Pentium M architecture, which was itself based upon the Pentium III.

Although using the Pentium name, the desktop Pentium Dual-Core is based on the Core microarchitecturewhich can clearly be seen when comparing the specification to the Pentium D, which is based on the NetBurst microarchitecture first introduced in the Pentium 4.

Intel Atom ZD 1. Intel Celeron N 1. Intel Atom C 1. Intel Atom E 1. Core i7 is currently Intel’s highest end series of processors designed for gameplay and mid-range viaa high-end business computers. For measures of energy efficiency in computing, see Performance per watt. The Pentium 4 had reached pdocessor clock speed limit of 3. Intel Xeon MV 3. Pentium 4 processors achieved their high clock speeds by using an extremely long instruction pipeline 20 stages in the Willamette, Northwood and Gallatin cores and 31 stages in the Prescott, Prescott 2M and Cedar Mill cores.

The Pentium M was launched to address the Pentium 4-M’s heat and performance problems. The Core 2 brand improves upon the original Core processors by adding a processot instruction set to the initial bit one.

Intel Core2 Duo Q 3. Notebooks using the Pentium M did not require a large and powerful cooling unit and could be built thin and light. Via c7-d processor 1800 mhz Core2 Duo U 1. Core i7 processors are the first to use the Nehalem microarchitecture, and c7d reintroduce Hyper-threading and, in the 9xx series, introduce Intel QuickPath Interconnect, a point-to-point link that is up to 16 times faster than via c7-d processor 1800 mhz quad-pumped FSB.

Despite the reduced clock speed, and lower amounts of cache, Pentium dual-core proceasor Pentium D by a fairly large margin. Intel Celeron U 1. Intel Atom D 2. Intel Core2 Duo SU 1. Intel Atom N 1.

PassMark CPU Lookup

Intel Core 1. It is also not useful for comparison of the energy efficiency of individual processors in different families, because it relates to the family, not the individual CPU. Intel Core Solo T 1. Intel Via c7-d processor 1800 mhz Duo L 1. The Core i3 is Intel’s budget line of processors in the Core i brand.

Intel Pentium D 3.

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