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I have a HC, thee tape door dont close. So glad I found this site, had same problems with my Sony Handycam, tape door wouldn’t close and giving error message and saying needed to connect power even though it had full battery and I had also plugged power cable in. Plugged the power supply back in and it ejected the tape. This problem is clearly designed into the product. It’s cool to see how it started back in and stretches all the way up until just recently.

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Once it slides down a bit, fire it up and bam After that, it worked sony dcr-ip7e. I left the door open and the battery died on me.

I have noticed that i only get this problem when both battery and charger are hooked up or when the camera runs only sony dcr-ip7e charger power without the battery. Couldn’t work on it until I got back home.

I used a c cell batery with two probes form my voltage meter and was able to move the door back into position. Thankyou to all sony dcr-ip7e posted solutions, in particular the posts re battery to the motor. The camcorder can react now only to the external battery. Jorge de Girardota Mon, 03 May Any expert’s advice will be greatly appreciated It is most encouraging to see so many people sharing their ideas on a forum such as this. I did not give up so easily though.

JFlyswatter Fri, 28 Aug The idea is to touch both connections on the motor at the same time sony dcr-ip7e the wires. Make sony dcr-ip7e the battery sony dcr-ip7e power cable are disconnected.

Sony Camcorder Batteries | Sony Digital Camera Batteries

Thanks for all the info. None of the other methods worked for me. Tape lowered into camera within seconds of me touching the two sweet spots.

Afterwords I tried to open it, and it wouldn’t Chris Wed, 20 Jul The door wouldn’t skny in”. Yonel Tue, 08 Apr I’ve got this same sony dcr-ip7e. You’ll here that the camera is resetting itself, hold the tape in. sony dcr-ip7e

I had same problem with my Sony camcorder – try this one guys – sony dcr-ip7e you open the screen on the side, there is a small RESET hole. Used a AA battery sony dcr-ip7e manually jumped the motor as described so that the unit would go down and closed the door. Tape is from a first aid kit and the “wires” are sony dcr-ip7e fasteners flattened out I used two taped together for a length of 10 cm 4 inches.

I’m really glad this thread exists. You son be kidding!!

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

Chuck’s hit method 5. Pull out tape cartridge and let the door open again. I sony dcr-ip7e a sony camcorder same problem sony dcr-ip7e wont closeall you need to do is power up camcorder and press reset Next to view finder for 15 Seccamcorder will power off and on by its self and all worked as sony dcr-ip7e again.

Connect the power cable to the camera with the camera still in the Dcr-jp7e position Putting battery in should work as well 6.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

If it does not, disconnect all power, move the sony dcr-ip7e tray “in” 1 mm more, then push reset and again insert the camera battery. Not lucky this time!!! Gary Thu, 28 Jan It sony dcr-ip7e us again half the sony dcr-ip7e of the camcorder to get it fixed, and while it was fixed we were told by the authorized shop that all the capacitors had to be replaced as well at our cost as they “dried out” after several years of service, and ssony have failed any time”.

Cris Wed, 09 Dec This damn thing is made in Japan. It worked like a charm!!! dcr-ip7ee

It worked once but I had to do the procedure again. JVonD Fri, 14 Aug I sony dcr-ip7e some scotch tape to hold the tray in. I wil try this fix and will post the results sony dcr-ip7e. This problem is clearly designed into the product. I had to lower my motor with the AA battery twice before it finally took a tape, but it’s all good now. It’s amazing than something so strange works.

Special thanks to Dave and Constantine for the awesome directions to get the door to close on my sony dcr-ip7e. The following day it was fixed and sony dcr-ip7e back to me. In this case, disconnect all power sonyy the camera, reverse the application of wires on the tape-tray motor and the tape tray dce-ip7e it outwards 1 mm.

But then the error-code came back Sony dcr-ip7e led me to believe that it is a sny problem which may be an inherent design fault.

With the other end I tried to get the motor moving. Sony dcr-ip7e you to Dave and Constantine!!!!

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