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I did a LOT of research and came up empty. Larry said, You are a Rockstar. A research job well done! I just wanted to let you know that Phillips the maker of the chip has ceased production and neither we nor MCT are able to source them anymore, so the adapter in question is officially EOL and there will be no further driver updates. Thank you very much for this post. Chris said, OK got one for ya Delorme LT GPS puck we storm spotters use the he77 out of these when tracking and delorme doesnt have a serial emulator for the usb for windows 7 anything and most of us are using 64bit. I have tried other driver options people have suggested…but this one is the only solution to the F5U adapter.

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Arjen in Perth said, great hero thank you so much. I thought Belkin was a stand up company too. Microsoft must read your blog because now it will not let the driver run the device. I mct u232-p9 the Belkin usb to serial f5u The mct u232-p9 file rr-sssp-client.

Drall said, I recently got a new mct u232-p9 and it has no serial port. Jed said, Thank you. Please Contact Rene Rozycki at ext. Thanks Carlos said, Thanks very much.

It works perfectly Siegfreid said, Ya! Thank you so much for your research and sharing with the computer community! You saved me from having mct u232-p9 buy a new serial to USB converter.

Gman said, Thank you for posting a local mirror! Can you help me, mct u232-p9

Magic Control Technology Corp.

It was used for a radio interface adapter. A research job well done!

Frances said, I have a Belkin U232p9 which is now working on my laptop Windows 7 mct u232-p9 to your advice. Will be back on payday to donate. Worked first mct u232-p9 on my i3 winders 7 64 bit. Doug said, After about six months of frustration with windows 7 and my older garmin gps and software that worked perfectly with XPI am back in business.

First I had to deal with Windows7 not having hyperterm installed, once I figured how to add hyperterm I ran into the Belkin dongle not being supported until you saved me. Rene Dobler said, Thanks, you should get more money, saved me from a lot of grief. How crazy is that. Worked like a champ. As a bit of an ironic twist, I later began cleaning up the original installed Belkin driver U232–p9 had tried the Vista 32bit version with no success.

Mct u232-p9 me dust off an old belkin adapter mct u232-p9 some serial debugging on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. Until I fumbled on your solution for the Belkin. Ariel Claudia said, thank you so muchi got all mct u232-p9 data readings from a race car!!! Im after the driver for a 32bit Windows 7. I u223-p9 tried other driver options people have suggested…but this one is the only solution mxt the F5U adapter.

Dell said, Thank you so much for sharing your mct u232-p9 work and research! Thank you very much for this mct u232-p9. I will never ever buy belkin product.

They basically said it was not supported and Mct u232-p9 should return the product. Thanks alot for your support, this helped a lot of guys to get thier softwares using serial ports working fine. Shame on Belkin for not providing Win 7 drivers. I believe my last resort would be to go with dongle.

1-Port Serial USB MCT UP9 DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed K USB SERIAL RS $

When I showed hubby that the belkin device had been detected by his laptop — he was over the moon!!! Es ist sehr gut mine freund! Mike said, Thank you so much for figuring this out. I have a Belkin F5U which is now mct u232-p9 on my laptop Windows 7 thanks to your advice. Just connect it, install the drivers, and use it like any other comport in the PC.

Maximum data throughput rate: DJ Mct u232-p9 Complete said, Thanks mate, worked a treat. Thank you for the post, I utilize my Belkin USB to Serial adaptor daily and didnt want mct u232-p9 buy another piece of hardware to get things done.

Jones said, I got this adapter: Still trying though, not giving up.

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