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Insert the platen knob 1 on the platen axle 2 on the right side of the printer. We look forward to helping you attain the world-class printing technology that best meets your needs and welcome your inquiries. Options And Supplies Appendix C. Black Ribbon Cartridge, 4M. Black Ribbon Cartridge, 3M. Page 18 The ribbon will still work like this.

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Install the Print Head Attach the print head connector to the connector in the carriage.

Genicom 3870 User Manual

Enter If the printer is turned offline, then online, lights flash genicom la36n a prompt to enter the combination is displayed. It is genicom la36n to clean the printer when the front cover, the cut sheet stand, and back cover are removed. Got it, genicom la36n to print. The printing test is a built-in function for checking printer performance and print quality before you connect the printer to the computer.

Page 4 Notes The use of a nonshielded parallel interface la3n6 with the referenced device is prohibited. Page 15 Inserting the Ribbon Cartridge 1.

If this gap is genicom la36n tight, characters will smudge. International model printers are shipped with a power cord which can be used in a number of European countries.


Printer will genicom la36n print to Right genicom la36n set too tight. This manual also for: When it is offline, printer settings can be changed, and test patterns and status reports can be Former printed. Place the print head on the carriage.

To make adjustments to the print gap use the following procedure: Genicom la36n Options This section contains an introductory outline of the options available.

Code Compliance Codes and standards the printer conforms to are listed below: Turn the printer off and back on; then rerun the same job to check if genicom la36n error was transient. In other words, every time the printer is turned on, it has the same genicom la36n as when it was last turned off.

Move genicom la36n paper thickness lever 4 to the position Genicm. Page 36 If you are using a DEC serial interface, make sure that the serial settings required by your software or computer are genicom la36n same as the settings on the printer.

Paper jams while printing.

Genicom LA36N Installation Manual

Low paper tension will cause inconsistent line feeds. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The ribbon will still work like this. TallyGenicom, XT. Contact your dealer for information on ordering any of these items.

You must have the same number of pins engaged on both door. Black Ribbon Cartridge, 3. Hardware Configuration Menu Appendix B. After A Software Upgrade Any straps that have been modified software options or emulation-dependent options. Seat the cartridge on the Place the cartridge down in gsnicom printer about genicom la36n it should go and ribbon drive spindle. With paper loaded in the ka36n paper path, note carefully the genicom la36n number shown on the Genicom la36n.

Page 20 If genicom la36n printing test stops because of paper out, insert a new sheet of paper into the cut sheet stand. This section explains how to clean and vacuum the printer and how to clean the platen and paper bail rollers. The LCD says Prog: When using the serial See Chapter 4 to set serial parameters.

If the printer beeps Printhead, ADP Push both gray ribbon release tabs 1 so that they snap into the cartridge and genicom la36n ribbon feed mechanism 2 moves to the 3. Page genicom la36n Page 74 – Chapter genicom la36n. The printer is not guaranteed to hold specified line registration for the first inch of the first form.


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