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Page To change the value, press the Up or Down arrow to increment or decrement the existing value in each field. Page To remove the solenoid link, rotate it 90 degrees and pull it off the rocker. Remove the cleaning rocker assembly. Page 29 For this reason, magnetic data is comprised of Transition Points where the polarity of the magnetism reverses, which results in North-to-North or South-to- South polarity. Press the Enter key to move the cursor to the next field in the value and repeat the process. To access the pick motor mounting screws, remove the card hopper. Summary of Specifications The preceding sections described where magnetic data can reside on a card.

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This symbol indicates a reminder message or other additional information for the technician.

Datacard Cp60 Plus ID Card Printer

Reach in from the back of the hopper and press down datacard cp60 plus the retaining tab. Changing Printer Values Use the Printer Values dialog box to change the operational parameters dxtacard the printer. Handoff offset should be 77 units larger than pus Home offset. Page 11 This symbol indicates a reminder message or other additional information for the technician.

Enter text from picture: Make sure it is securely seated on the motor shaft. Remove datacard cp60 plus coupler bracket or plastic cover. You will see a prompt for changing the destination directory.

Datacard CP60 ID Card Printer for Parts Repair

Printer and driver should match. Pick Roller Removal Procedure Unplug the printer. Connecting or disconnecting the duplex interface cable from the main control board with the printer powered may result in immediate damage to the main control dp60. When relaxed, a return spring lifts datacard cp60 plus rocker and contacts away from the card.

Printhead Fan There are two different sizes of fans in the printers. Make sure the sensor is fully seated. It is recommended that you not change this setting.

Datacard CP60 Plus ID Card Printer

These may or may not be used datacard cp60 plus different device manufacturers. Pull back on the duplex assembly and lift it off the transport chassis.

The subcarrier is permitted to invert only at its own transition points which is why the frequencies are even multiples datacars each datacard cp60 plus. Check the data AP entered or the format selected. The magnitude height of the carrier signal is varied according to the height of the data signal.

The datacard cp60 plus is that the difference between high and low amplitudes is minimal. The service representatives must complete an authorized Datacard service training course prior to servicing the printer.

It is very important that you use the Reset printer button every time you have catacard a test. Page Follow-up Procedure Tighten the mounting screws to 8 in-lbs. As the main control board initializes itself, dwtacard status light on the front of the printer will be steady amber.

A card is picked from the hopper, personalized, and transported to the smart card module. Duplex Clutch The duplex clutch controls datacard cp60 plus the duplex motor operates the drive rollers or datacard cp60 plus the whole flipper assembly.

Push the sensor out of plux duplex chassis. If none of the sensors are functional, you may have a communication datacard cp60 plus between the printer and Diagnostics. All aspects of the test including graphics printing and magnetic stripe encoding must be completed for the datacard cp60 plus to be successful.

Page Modify the settings as required using the boxes at the left.

Datacard Cp60 Plus ID Card Printer | eBay

Page Route the cable through the ribbon guide as shown below. Page 55 Inspect the drive pulleys for wear and broken teeth. Carefully push down on the sensor from above and remove it through the bottom of the chassis, being careful not to lose the spacer. Rotate the rocker clockwise, and remove it through the side of the chassis note datacard cp60 plus the encoder is pointing straight down datacard cp60 plus removal.

Verify the settings with a new ribbon and also with a near-empty ribbon, as the spool diameters may impact the results.

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