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Be aware, however, that improper setup or posture while using a split keyboard can increase bending in your wrists. Contrast desktop computer, notebook computer. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. When the notebook computer enters this state, the contents of the memory are automatically written to the hard disk for safe storage. Setting a Power-On Password Shut down your computer using the Main Power button.

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The service automatically sends you free software updates that will keep your computer in peak operating condition.

HP Compaq Presario,Presario 1700 Reference Manual

compaq presario 1700 Calibrating the Battery All batteries lose their charge if they have not been used for a long period of time. Got it, continue compaqq print. Introducing Compaq presario 1700 Windows 98 Arranging Icons You can arrange the icons on your desktop for quick and easy access to frequently used items.

Using this Guide Special Messages The following words and symbols have special meaning in this guide. Diskette drive Diskette is not formatted. Be aware, however, that improper setup or posture while using a split keyboard can increase bending in your wrists.

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This is identified when the Power light is flashing on some models the Sleep the flashing Power light. Do not use your computer Reset button.

Locating The Regulatory Compliance Markings Labels Locating the Regulatory Compliance Markings Labels Other labels containing safety or regulatory information about your specific computer are located on the inside and outside of your computer. For More Information Safety and Comfort For More Information If you want more information about arrangement compaq presario 1700 work space and equipment or safety standards, consult the following references: Failure to follow directions may result in equipment damage or loss of data.

Move your monitor to a place where prseario and bright reflections are eliminated. From compaq presario 1700 Windows desktop, double-click the Compaq Support 2. Modem is not set up properly. oresario

Select the Screen Saver tab. When sitting in compaq presario 1700 normal work posture, you should be able to see your eyes in the mirror. Typing Style Being Inventive Use pillows, blankets, towels, and books to: Precautions For Portable Computer Products, Precautions For Server Compaq presario 1700 Network Products Precautions for Portable Computer Products In addition to compaq presario 1700 general precautions described earlier in this section, be sure to observe the following precautions when operating a portable computer product.

Papers and Books Select a work surface or surfaces that are large enough to hold the computer equipment and any additional items required for your work. Forearms, Wrists, And Hands Safety and Comfort Forearms, Wrists, and Hands Keep your forearms, wrists, and hands aligned in a straight, neutral position, whether you are working at a desk or table, or sitting on prresario couch or bed.

Pointing Style Use your whole arm and shoulder to move the mouse, not just your wrist. If glare is a problem, consider these actions: The following table describes each type of QuickRestore.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. If your computer has this feature, the region code on your DVD drive must match the region code compaq presario 1700 the disc.

compaq presario 1700 Page Glossary-1 Glossary 10BaseT — Unshielded twisted pair cable used to connect computers on an Ethernet network. To backup your files by performing a SystemSave, complete the following steps: To avoid compaq presario 1700 damage to your computer, turn off the power before wiping it with a damp cloth.

The exchange should provide facilities for either loop disconnect pulse dialing or multifrequency tone dialing. Diskette is presaio or file is too big.

Compaq Presario Memory & RAM Chip Upgrades – Lifetime Guarantee!

The relatively large screen, coupled with thin and light casing, allowed a balance of power and portability; especially given the quoted 3 hour battery life. Studies have shown that a variety of health conditions may increase the risk of discomfort, muscle and compaq presario 1700 disorders, compaq presario 1700 injuries.

After a few seconds, the disc automatically starts playing. From the Windows Taskbar, click the Start button, then point to Programs. Alternatively, you may execute the following steps:

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